LIfe on the Farm

I find myself to be extremly lucky!

I have grown up on the beautiful south coast of NSW.

Not only have a i grown up on a dairy farm, full of adventures, animals and plenty of fun… i have also been extremly lucky to be right next to the beach…

The contrast of lifestyles brings many wonderful events and allows me to swap happily between farmer life, beach life and career life……

One of my favourite days recently was when i was at home working on my clothing label “Happydaize”.

I looked out of my office window and noticed what a beautiful sunset was beginning…… i decided to take walk down to our dairy to see what was happening for the afternoon……

It turns out our pig was going into labour and all the animals had gathered to give her some support…..

We spent the night with her as it was her first litter….

After a little help lots of cute little piglets were born over a period of 8 hours……

Such an amazing experience and beautiful night……..


About happydaize

A lover of life, a lover of fun and a lover of the word "Happy" All things made with love, smiles and sunshine...... I ahve created my own Clothing Label "Happy Daize" inspired by beautiful exotic destinations all around the world..... Each day i have new insirations of what my "Happy " world is all about.....
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